System Design  
Innovative Design  


System Design
Complete fire safety can only be achieved through an interdisciplinary system solution. Hence our system design is handled by a design team consisting of architect, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, chemical engineer, last but not the least human factor analyst. While some of the disciplines are inherent to our company staff, some others are project-basis part-time contributions, depending on the problem, project.

System design service includes system solution, computer aided drafting, computer aided engineering, engineering calculations.

Design services are presented as;

  • Project Identification
  • Cost Estimate
  • Technical Specifications
  • Performance Based Design
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Shop Drawings
  • As-built Drawings

Innovative Design
Apart from the conventional system design approach, Karina handles R&D oriented innovative design, for object-oriented protection. Within this concept, specific fire safety problems are handled with specific object-oriented solutions. For this purpose generally applicable solutions, systems are questioned, necessary modelling, simulation, full scale testing is carried out to characterise and limit the specific problem. Then specific solutions and applications are designed to meet the specific safety and protection needs of the problem. This type of design is handled both for a specific fire risk itself or for a complementary part or device as well, to improve the overall system performance.

In this respect, Karina is open and willing to cooperate or handle the fire safety solutions of a major project or of a specific fire safety problem, both for a brand new application, as well as an improvement of an existing solution.

Aksigorta YADEM (Children's Fire and Earthquake Training Center) is an example for our innovative design studies. The problem and customer request was brought as a fire simulation unit for children. However, after studying the request, the children's profile, availabilities of the customer, a complete center was designed and implemented by Karina.