Karina has been founded as a spin-off company in September 1994, by three engineers (Aydin OZKAYA, Alptekin AKSAN and Tanju ATAYLAR) who had been working in fire detection and fire protection market as sales engineers.

Two years later, Alptekin AKSAN has left the company to carry on his Ph.D. study. Then on, Aydin OZKAYA and Tanju ATAYLAR are still with Karina as founder-shareholders of the company.

During 1994-1999, thanks to the knowledge-based business idea, Karina is selected to be supported by the Turkish Government Small-Medium Enterprises Organisation (KOSGEB) and Middle East Technical University (METU) within "knowledge-based small-scale enterprises technological development promotion plan". During these years, company is located in ODTU-KOSGEB Technology Development Center (Business Incubation Center), Karina has built a strong, fully-computerised infrastructure, in technical and administrative aspects.

In 1999, as a part of a take-off program, Karina has moved to Bilkent Center and then to current office in end 2001, providing a comfortable, reliable and an easy access office, close to the town centre.

Here are some milestones in Karina history :
Sept. 13th, 1994 Karina was founded
Sept.1994 Karina was accepted in ODTU-KOSGEB Incubation Center
Sept.1994 First system design job was taken
Nov. 2nd, 1994 First invoice was issued
March 1995 First foreign AHJ approval was taken
March 1995 First foreign job was taken
Nov. 1995 First training job was taken
Feb. 1996 First company advertisement was published
Feb. 1996 Aydin OZKAYA was accepted member to TurkishACEA
March 1996 First technical consultancy job was taken
June 1996 Internet access was provided
June 1996 Web site was opened
July 1996 First commercial consultancy job was taken
Dec. 1996 Company based Local Area Network was established
Jan. 1997 First Third Party Test&Acceptance job was taken
Jan. 1997 Karina became member of NFPA
Oct. 1997 First direct state awarded job was taken
Nov. 1997 First "Fire Management Planning" job was taken
Feb. 1998 Aydin OZKAYA was accepted member to SFPE
Sept. 1998 First full time Architect was hired
Feb. 1999 First "Product Development Project" was taken
Nov. 2001 Professional Indemnity Insurance was started
March 2002 First book was published (MMO Yangin Sondurme Sistemleri)
May 2002 Tanju ATAYLAR was accepted member to SFPE
Dec. 2002 128K internet connection was installed
Dec. 2002 First "IFC MAster Plan" job was taken