Business Principles

Our principle is;
"Doing the task is only worth value, if only certain business principles and moral values are respected."

In this respect, Karina is;
  • Working solely on fire safety and fire protection, fully committed to its specialisation

  • Totally independent both in technical and commercial terms

  • Fully responsible of customer satisfaction of the services

  • A non-trading company

  • Offering full range of service within total systems approach

  • Conforming international codes and standards

  • Committed to the own corporate ethic codes

  • Committed to FIDIC ethic codes

  • Committed to TurkishACEA ethic codes

  • Committed to the internal quality assurance program

  • A "Made in Turkey" favouring company, always favouring the national resources and interest

  • Respecting disclosure and confidentiality rules

  • Problem solving with "can do…" attitude

  • Keeping the own records and files for a declared period (i.e.for five years